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Choobin Rang Zagros Co. (Ltd.), with its backing of 30 years of experience in the field of Paint Technology and industrial coatings, began its activity in the field of producing paints and industrial coatings in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in 2015 and then moved to isfahan. This company with a strong management team, experienced experts and advanced production line, managed to produce a wide range of products through the establishment of quality management systems.

The products of this company are in the field of production of the kinds of paints: alkyd, plastics, acrylic, sealer and killer, semi- polyester, wood, traffic, Chlorinated Rubber and acrylic and two components, aluminum and refractory Aluminum, hammered, Industrial Shed, Pool Paint, Heat-resistant, etc...

R&D strong team of this company has created the ability to produce color on the customer's order, so that customers can receive the required products as soon as possible by providing samples, technical specifications or even their requirements.

This company with production of more than 1000 ton paints per year has been able to find a special place in the fast and rational growth and attract customers by providing high quality products. Research laboratory, development and quality control of products and raw materials are recognized as the heart of the production process and are always considered by senior executives of the company.


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Mrs. Azita Changizi, Engineer

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Dariush Zargari Samani

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Ms. Yasman Zargari Samani

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